Swim Team Levels


Geared to 3, 4, 5 & 6 year olds who already have been through swim lessons, can swim and take a breath on their own. Swimmers are required to attend team lessons in order to participate at inner squad meets as well as those with the Desert Mountain League. No swimmer can participate at meets until their coach or director agrees that the swimmer is safe in the water and can swim unassisted. Have some training background and have the ability to swim 20 meters unattended. The Developmental swimmers will have interaction with the coach in the water to help achieve understanding and the principles of each stroke, starts and finishes.

First Practice
This group will be introduced to race strategies at swim meets and different training techniques at practices. Swimmers will also continue to redefine their strokes, turns, and starts. Starting with this level, land conditioning will be part of each practice.

Second Practice
All of the above in addition to the introduction and education on the importance of aerobic and anaerobic training. Additional time will be added to practices for this level through level 4.

Third Practice
Same as above but with more intense training practices.
Swimmers are placed in a level by their ability not by age.

Download 2017 Swim Team Handbook PDF