Information for the Dynamite Facility

Information for the Dynamite Facility

We would appreciate your cooperation with the following policies. They are for your protection and safety, as well as your children. Please use the parking lot on the east side of the property. Thank you

  • Please check your child(ren) in at the swim office the 1st day of the session, regardless if they swam in the preceding session.
  • Please lower your voices when entering the pool areas so as not to distract the children in class
  • Our pools are heated for the optimum comfort of every swimmer and have a state of the art saline sanitation system on both pools
  • Daily dress: Swimsuit, towel and WATERPROOF sunscreen. Because sunscreen must be given time to dry it must be applied at least 15 minutes before entering the water, or it will provide NO protection from the sun… Everyone on our staff wears Aloegator. I highly recommend this product, and have it available in the office.
  • The Arizona State Health Department requires the use of Snug fitting reusable, or diapers made specifically for swimming for children 3 and under, while in swim class. Should you forget a diaper, we have them available in the office. Your swimmer is potty trained??? Please speak to a staff member in the office for further assistance.
  • Students with long hair must have it pulled back and secured or are encouraged to wear a cap. Goggles may be worn, although I discourage the use of them while a student is in the process of “learning to swim.”
  • For the safety of all, NO running is allowed by the pools at any time. Cement, Cool-deck and concrete can all become slippery when wet.
  • While waiting for your student’s class to start I request that they remain with you until their lesson begins. If you bring other children with you that are not participating in the program, they must stay with you at all times.
  • Please have your child(ren) use the bathroom before class. A parent MUST always escort their child(ren) to the bathroom and I request that they are not left unattended while in there.
  • If your child is participating in any level of water acclimation, I request you sit poolside to assist your swimmer in class. Parents of children enrolled in Beginning level classes may sit poolside to help assist with the swimmer or sit in the designated areas for viewing. Please be available for them at the conclusion of each class. Parents of children swimming at all other levels may observe and are encouraged to do so, but keep in mind children ARE easily distracted.
  • All of our students receive a treat every day for a job well done. It’s not always easy to be brave when learning new things. Please support and praise your child, for their accomplishments in swim lessons are many.

Thank you,

Kim Courtney & Staff