About Us

A Letter From Kim Courtney
Welcome Swim Families and Friends,

For over 40 years, I have been teaching children and parents about water safety. My goal is for all children to develop a love for the water, but respect the limits we set forth as parents and educators. It is necessary that a child reacts automatically when entering the water, and follows through with the skills they have learned in swimming lessons.

Every child deserves “A Fighting Chance”. Teaching children basic swim skills is the key to their survival! I firmly believe children attending swimming lessons develop confidence with themselves and become much more efficient in the water.

I am delighted with the accomplishments and each new step a swimmer takes toward their success and independence in the water. Their accomplishments are ours as well.

We offer swim lessons for all levels, needs and abilities. This ensures your child experiences swimming in the most positive and rewarding environment. Once they have learned the basic fundamentals, a swimmer can move on to proper technique and strokes. We promote swimming as an activity to last a lifetime.

My family and staff share my passion for the water, dedication to the children, and the message we teach about swimming and water safety. Thank you for sharing your child and giving us the opportunity to instill swim skills that will last a lifetime. Please Remember – Swim lessons are invaluable and there is NO SUBSTITUTION for constant supervision of a child of any age around the water.

From all of us at Kim Courtney’s Swim School,
Swim safe and see you in the water!